The Fresh Black Coffee Podcast

Fresh Black Coffee 6-11-22

June 13, 2022

In this episode we interview "Wes Nofire" candidate for Oklahoma's Second Congressional District House seat being vacated by Congressman Markwayne Mullen.


This is a first,  Eddie was so impressed by Wes that he immediately endorsed him for that Congressional seat.  This is impressive because there are 3 others running that Eddie has come to know and like very much BUT Wes made that much of an impression on Eddie. David still waiting to ad his endorsements.

This is a very interesting and informative interview from many points of view.


Also discussed are the Jan. 6th Kangaroo court sham.

Oklahoma abortion restriction law the toughest in the nation

Ukraine update and how it has been almost forgotten

Hungary the last free nation on earth

Woman awarded $5.2 million for getting and STD in the back seat of a car. The little Geico Gecko didn't see that coming.


***Apologies for the first 45 min. of sound.   The mic was not working properly. That will be fixed next time.***


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