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Fresh Black Coffee 2-12-2022

Fresh Black Coffee 2-12-2022

February 12, 2022

Canadian Trucker Blockade- Is it lifting

Super Bowl Blockade is a bad idea. At least Eddie thinks so and why. (Hint: Jan.6th?)

Lessons from Joe Rogan saga 

Covid restrictions lifting kind of and why

Is Russia attacking on Wednesday?

Fresh Black Coffee 2-5-2022

Fresh Black Coffee 2-5-2022

February 5, 2022

Why New  NYC Mayor may be worse than DeBlasio

Biden come to NYC for fallen Police funeral and blames guns vs. cracy loose crime laws in NYC and guns bought from Georgia.


Convention of States Con

     Why it is wrong and why it is coming up again. Do not fall for it.

Go Fund Me vs. Canadian Truckers

Mike Pence misleads saying he could not have overturned the election results

Crimea  is really a Wag the Chihuahua  situation

Spotify   Joe Rogan vs. Crosby Still Nash and Old


Herman Cain Interview from2009

Herman Cain Interview from2009

January 31, 2022

For those who loved Herman as I did, I thought this was a fond reminder of how wonderful and fun a man her was. This was before her ran for president.



Fresh Black Coffee 01-15-22

Fresh Black Coffee 01-15-22

January 16, 2022

Eddie & Dave welcome a former fellow Youth With A Mission missionary (YWAMer) and they briefly discuss missionary life.

Dave and Eddie argue about a speech given to a gun rights group that got an OK state rep into trouble.

Dave explains how the 3rd Monday in January should be celebrated as "Freedmen's Day" vs. a "Junteenth Day" 

Eddie explains, as he does annually, on his celebrated, why Martin Luther King was not who we are told he was.

Fresh Black Coffee 1-8-222

Fresh Black Coffee 1-8-222

January 10, 2022

Back for the New Year!

Eddie & Dave discuss their parent's generation's work ethic.

Confessions Of An Army Brat

More on why kids need jobs while in school

Mental illness (PTSD, Paranoid Schizophrenia, etc) We disagree here.

Talking Primates

Why scriptures relating to submitting to Kings; etc. are mis-interpreted for Americans.

Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes close it out with a song about people on a pedestal and the need for forgiveness.

Fresh Black Coffee 12-31-2021

Fresh Black Coffee 12-31-2021

January 10, 2022

Last Podcast of the year on the last day of the year, it is a fun one too. Eddie and dave return after 3 weeks off.


Eddie and Dave share their Travels

Childhood memories

Eddie goes to church with Kanye west and Marilyn Manson

Eddie accidentally ends up at the Reagan Library

More Covid nonsense

January 6th preview

NCAA Football Madness. I thought the "Portal" was for players not coaches.

Happy and Prosperous New Year everyone! New Year 




Fresh Black Coffee 12-4-21

Fresh Black Coffee 12-4-21

December 5, 2021

Today Eddie and David discuss:

The college football

Supreme Court R v. Wade case

Michigan school shooting

Eddie's past as a concert and tour promote (How he almost killed D.C. Talk-Literally)

Eddie's New book about to be released. FINALLY


and the best conversation on how Democrats win and Republicans lose. 


Fresh Black Coffee 11-27-2021

Fresh Black Coffee 11-27-2021

November 27, 2021

We learn a bit about David's family and a glimpse into  Eddie's past.

Eddie's experience in South Africa under Apartheid.

How to influence society and politics and why the Demoncrats are better at it than Republicans.

Eddie and David discuss the New "The Omicron Variant" Covid Variant coming out of South Africa.


Fresh Black Coffee 11-13-2021

Fresh Black Coffee 11-13-2021

November 14, 2021

Honoring Veterans and apologizing to them and Negroes, for Joe Biden’s Veteran’s day speech. Best “Babylon Bee” yet, BY FAR.

The difference in how wealthy and powerful Democrats and Republicans approach politics. Why the Democrat approach is better and Republicans had better take notes.

How our govt. has been taken over by the “Left.” Can you say Human Resources?

Kyle Rittenhouse case and trial.

Pray for Henry Primeaux

Fresh Black Coffee 11-06-2021

Fresh Black Coffee 11-06-2021

November 6, 2021

Spend over an hour with Eddie, and Dave as we interview Oklahoma State Superintendent of Education candidate John Cox.

Hear from John Cox himself re: his switch from Democrat to Republican, his views on education in Oklahoma and why he is the best choice for the job of Oklahoma State Superintendent of Education.


Much may surprise you.

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