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Fresh Black Coffee 9-17-22

Fresh Black Coffee 9-17-22

November 11, 2022

FBI Integrity

Progressive Hypocrisy on Martha's Vineyard

I Timothy Misinterpreted 

Upcoming Elections

The real racial agenda of the Elite


Fresh Black Coffee 8-25-22

Fresh Black Coffee 8-25-22

August 26, 2022

Eddie and Dave Discuss the results of Tuesday night's primary election results in Florida and the "Runfoff" elections in Oklahoma.


Eddie laments Republicans eating their own at the behest of Democrats and the media.

Why do we allow this and then whine about how our country is going to Hell? It has to stop.

Fresh Black Coffee 8-16-2022

Fresh Black Coffee 8-16-2022

August 13, 2022

Discussion of Kate Bush's "Running Up that Hill" topping the chart after 38years due to popularity of hit show "Stranger Things"

Eddie and Dave discuss how life's paths most often do not run the way we plan them. 

Eddie and Dave discuss two other Netflix shows"                                           "The Ranch" and the Movie "Carter"

The IRS hiring 87,000   "00 Agents" with "License to Kill"

Eddie spoke with Markwayne Mullen on how to reverse that

Biden's Common Core Math on "Zero Inflation"

FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago

Not enough Pastors and too many "Hirelings"

List of Runoff Candidates

Finally Spiritual warfare for a Spiritual War.


Fresh Black Coffee 7-16-2022

Fresh Black Coffee 7-16-2022

July 22, 2022

Eddie and Dave discuss some o the elements of Eddie's Book

George Kaiser and George Soros and the difference in Democrat in how Democrat and GOP money people support groups.

NCAA Woman of the Year Nominee is a Man

Newest Covid Variant Delta BA.5

The Democrat "DARK HORSE" candidate for President 2024

Fresh Black Coffee 7-9-2022

Fresh Black Coffee 7-9-2022

July 10, 2022

Eddie Tells of meeting another Army Brat

More Biden lies. Joe compounds the lie of the abortion legislation with the terrible fable of a pregnant 10year old rape victim.  Eddie debunks the lie AND makes a serious anti abortion statement. 

A challenge to Republicans in office AND those running.

Kristi Noem  Eddie's top pick for VP over Ron DeSantis

Kari Lake, fearless and possibly too fearless for Arizona Gov.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell worst TV pundit in America, if not the world. He accuses Founding fathers of destroying Democracy.

Democrats distorting the term Democracy. They need a remedial Civics course.

Dave calls this Democrat "Insurrection".

Elon Musk Balks on Twitter

Is Putin standing in the way of the "New world Order"?

Ukraine's Zelenskyy fires several ambasadors

The freest countries on earth today. America is not one of them.

Oklahoma political shenanigans.  Stuff hillbilly films are made of.

NCAA conference re-alinement. USC & UCLA Join the Big to which is now a Big 14. What will the Big 12, Pac 12 and ACC do next?  



Fresh Black Coffee 06-25-2022 1

Fresh Black Coffee 06-25-2022 1

June 27, 2022
Fresh Black Coffee 6-25-22

Fresh Black Coffee 6-25-22

June 26, 2022

After a week away Eddie and Dave return with a packed full show.

Dave and Eddie catch you up on their week plus some discussion racial dynamics and their personal experiences.

The Supreme Court decisions and implications, this past week are looked at. Gun rights and "Pro Life" have been protected by SCOTUS

In the final and lengthiest Segment Eddie and Dave discuss the Oklahoma Primary Elections coming up this Tuesday.

Eddie and Dave do not agree on all candidates, which, as usual, makes it very interesting. 

Fresh Black Coffee 6-11-22

Fresh Black Coffee 6-11-22

June 13, 2022

In this episode we interview "Wes Nofire" candidate for Oklahoma's Second Congressional District House seat being vacated by Congressman Markwayne Mullen.


This is a first,  Eddie was so impressed by Wes that he immediately endorsed him for that Congressional seat.  This is impressive because there are 3 others running that Eddie has come to know and like very much BUT Wes made that much of an impression on Eddie. David still waiting to ad his endorsements.

This is a very interesting and informative interview from many points of view.


Also discussed are the Jan. 6th Kangaroo court sham.

Oklahoma abortion restriction law the toughest in the nation

Ukraine update and how it has been almost forgotten

Hungary the last free nation on earth

Woman awarded $5.2 million for getting and STD in the back seat of a car. The little Geico Gecko didn't see that coming.


***Apologies for the first 45 min. of sound.   The mic was not working properly. That will be fixed next time.***


Fresh Black Coffee  5-28-22

Fresh Black Coffee 5-28-22

May 29, 2022

Eddie and Dave discuss the Uvalde Texas school shooting

Ukraine Update

US & Russia going in different directions and the US is not the one going in the right one.

Gun control and red flag laws.

Election Update

Donald Trump NRA speech on Uvalde.

Fresh Black Coffee 5-26-2022- Special Edition

Fresh Black Coffee 5-26-2022- Special Edition

May 27, 2022

Eddie Interviews Congressman Markwayne Mullin for the entire hour

Fresh Black Coffee 5-21-22

Fresh Black Coffee 5-21-22

May 24, 2022

This is our longest show ever.

In "Part One" Eddie and Dave welcome our good friend and guest  Darren Ganz where they travel into the area of teens, parenting and the differences in our day, 15 years ago and today.  What is different and what is not.

Then we get into Primary elections, state and national, and Monkey Pox and Global conflicts.

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