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Fresh Black Coffee 9-18-21

Fresh Black Coffee 9-18-21

September 18, 2021

The New Miracle anti Covid Drug- Monoclonal Antibodies

Need for Mental Health Facilities

Schizophrenic double standard in treatment of women.  Do we treat them as women or as equal to men in EVERY WAY?!

Special Guest Evan Ramisawmy- Oral Roberts University graduate student from the island nation of Mauritius. (off of the East African Coast)  We discuss many issues i.e., racism and China taking over Africa and many other nations.


Fresh Black Coffee 9-11-2021

Fresh Black Coffee 9-11-2021

September 12, 2021

Eddie interviews an old friend and former seminary colleague, Dr. Jim Jenkins about Dr. Jenkins new book- "From Rubble To Redemption."   This book is based on Dr. Jenkins' experiences as a Navy Chaplain ministering in the immediate aftermath of the 911 attack.

In their discussion Eddie & Jim discuss their past in the Jesus Movement and the state of affairs in the current age.

Fresh Black Coffee  9-4-21

Fresh Black Coffee 9-4-21

September 5, 2021

This week:

Babylon Bee Buffet


Canadian border open to American going there but vaccinated Canadians barred from coming to America, while the southern border is wide open to all and Afghani's can come with no trouble.


Covid Mask & Vax Nazis same people who are Pro choice.


Congressman Markwayne Mullen's rescue trip to Afghanistan. 

Fresh Black Coffee 8-28-21

Fresh Black Coffee 8-28-21

August 29, 2021

Illinois Judge blocks parental custody until mother gets Covid Vaccine.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supports Ivermectin study.

Oklahoma Hospital dispenses Ivermectin.

Gardener "The Mustache" Minshew traded to Philadelphia. ESPN silliness.

Why are Republicans so anxious to attack their own? Dr. Mark Sherwood (Republican) announces run for OK Governor.  Says Gov. Stitt not doing enough.  Does his campaign platform make sense?



Fresh Black Coffee 8-21-21

Fresh Black Coffee 8-21-21

August 22, 2021

Afghanistan evacuation debacle

Covid Covid Covid!

State of the  Oklahoma GOP w/ Guest GOP Communications director Darren Ganz

Fresh Black Coffee 8-14-21

Fresh Black Coffee 8-14-21

August 15, 2021

Babylon Bee and Eddie on Obama's Birthday bash.

Various National and OK politics.

"Collating" or "Zipper Merging." Why the hate?

Plus final statement on what is behind all of the mess we seem to be in.

Fresh Black coffee 8-7-21

Fresh Black coffee 8-7-21

August 8, 2021

 In this episode we welcome guest- Speaker, writer and  publisher Peter Biadaz

Eddie, David & Peter discuss Olympics, January 6th, MLK, FBI, Illegal Immigration, American Tribalism and more.

Fresh Black Coffee 7-31-2021

Fresh Black Coffee 7-31-2021

August 1, 2021

We are back and more raw than ever.

1) Babylon Bee- Simone Byles awarded Non-Participation trophy

2) Mother throws baby shower for 12 year old daughter. Whattt???

3) Public baby dedications for unwed mothers

4) Are women who have abortions be considered victims or prosecuted as          accomplice to murder?

5) Joseph Fletcher book- "Situation Ethics"

6) Corona Virus- Is the "Delta Variant" any worse than the original C-19?

          "The only thing to fear is fear itself"

7) The positive outcome of slavery in the U.S.


Plus the usual crazy often superfluous chit chat.


Interview With Mark Ambrose of Christian Rockers “Idle Cure”

Interview With Mark Ambrose of Christian Rockers “Idle Cure”

July 27, 2021

Eddie and Mark discuss the origins of Idle Cure Band

The bands popularity in Europe and various tours.

Now Pastor Mark Ambrose discusses his views on

the current state of affairs in America.  

Fresh Black coffee Episode 7-10-21

Fresh Black coffee Episode 7-10-21

July 10, 2021

This week we discuss:

The American Flag has now become the "symbol of racism" like the Confederate Flag. What??!!

Hunter Biden's art or whatever it is.

The Power In Praise.

Vaccines and the "Left's" obsession with the vaccine and masks

Bill Cosby release from prison. Was that right?

"Medical" marijuana laws debate. Are they legit or just a way to get high and rich.



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