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Fresh Black Coffee 6-11-22

Fresh Black Coffee 6-11-22

June 13, 2022

In this episode we interview "Wes Nofire" candidate for Oklahoma's Second Congressional District House seat being vacated by Congressman Markwayne Mullen.


This is a first,  Eddie was so impressed by Wes that he immediately endorsed him for that Congressional seat.  This is impressive because there are 3 others running that Eddie has come to know and like very much BUT Wes made that much of an impression on Eddie. David still waiting to ad his endorsements.

This is a very interesting and informative interview from many points of view.


Also discussed are the Jan. 6th Kangaroo court sham.

Oklahoma abortion restriction law the toughest in the nation

Ukraine update and how it has been almost forgotten

Hungary the last free nation on earth

Woman awarded $5.2 million for getting and STD in the back seat of a car. The little Geico Gecko didn't see that coming.


***Apologies for the first 45 min. of sound.   The mic was not working properly. That will be fixed next time.***


Fresh Black Coffee  5-28-22

Fresh Black Coffee 5-28-22

May 29, 2022

Eddie and Dave discuss the Uvalde Texas school shooting

Ukraine Update

US & Russia going in different directions and the US is not the one going in the right one.

Gun control and red flag laws.

Election Update

Donald Trump NRA speech on Uvalde.

Fresh Black Coffee 5-26-2022- Special Edition

Fresh Black Coffee 5-26-2022- Special Edition

May 27, 2022

Eddie Interviews Congressman Markwayne Mullin for the entire hour

Fresh Black Coffee 5-21-22

Fresh Black Coffee 5-21-22

May 24, 2022

This is our longest show ever.

In "Part One" Eddie and Dave welcome our good friend and guest  Darren Ganz where they travel into the area of teens, parenting and the differences in our day, 15 years ago and today.  What is different and what is not.

Then we get into Primary elections, state and national, and Monkey Pox and Global conflicts.

Fresh Black Coffee 5-14-2022

Fresh Black Coffee 5-14-2022

May 15, 2022

Follow up Interview with Defense Attorney Kevin Adams after the David Ware murder trial.  Definitely interesting insight into the inside of the workings of this high profile case. We also discuss a new case and other issues.

In addition, David and Eddie discuss relevant current events.

Fresh Black Coffee 4-30-22 Nathan Dahm Interview

Fresh Black Coffee 4-30-22 Nathan Dahm Interview

May 15, 2022

Eddie & Dave Interview OK State Senator Nathan Dahn on his running for the US Senate.

Fresh Black Coffee 4-23-22

Fresh Black Coffee 4-23-22

April 24, 2022

Interview with Oklahoma Secretary of Education  Ryan Walters


This is a very in depth and good interview.  Ryan has some very thoughtful ideas and views.

A very important podcast for Oklahoma voters.

Fresh Black Coffee 4-2-22 ( Eddie’s Monologue

Fresh Black Coffee 4-2-22 ( Eddie’s Monologue

April 3, 2022

Eddie discusses the attack ads against OK Gov. Kevin Stitt, the Dark Money Groups behind them and why they MUST be stopped.


The ads are misleading, and half truths.  The truth is out there and the lies must be exposed.

Fresh Black Coffee 3-26-2022

Fresh Black Coffee 3-26-2022

March 27, 2022

Eddie's memories of Black Privilege as the only Black member of the German post WW2 "Ghetto Rat Pack."

Babylon Bee gets banned from Twitter for picking USA Today's woman of the Year as their Man of the Year.  Shades of Rachel Dolezal and the classic 70's film "Soulman" (You have to see if if you have not).

The BEE also has the greatest ever article on the Lea Thomas story EVER.  You have to hear and READ this for yourself.

More on Ukraine.

The Dark Money ads attacking Gov. Stitt. Dirty Money actually. Must be stopped.






Fresh Black Coffee 3-19-22

Fresh Black Coffee 3-19-22

March 21, 2022

This will be the most controversial so we have done to day.

Attorney Kevin Adams gives details of corruption at the Tulsa District attorney's office and completely turns the table on the case of David Ware shooting of police officers Aurash Zarkeshan and Craig Johnson in which officer Johnson was killed.


If you live in Tulsa you MUST listen to this and have others listen to this episode.


You will have to decide on what to believe after hearing the case presented by attorney Adams.


Also Ukraine and other current event. 

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